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Funerals are always a difficult time, but I will try to make your decisions about flowers as easy as possible. The gentle beauty of flowers helps you offer feelings of sympathy and comfort at a sensitive and emotional time. The right flowers make a beautiful tribute to your loved one. I will always make your flowers as personal as possible, whatever your budget. I can provide all your funeral requirements including wreaths, coffin sprays, name tributes, non-traditional or more classic funeral arrangements. I am happy to work with you’re directly or with your funeral director to make sure that the process is as simple as possible for you.

Coffin / Casket Spray

Coffin sprays are generally a full-length flower arrangement set on top of the coffin. These can of course be made in different sizes according to taste and budget, and can basically be made with any kind of flowers. The sprays are large, often diamond-shaped, elegant tributes and are traditionally the main family tribute as they cover most of the coffin or casket top.


The wreath is a very popular choice for funerals. For me, the wreath symbolises the circle of life or never ending love and emotion. There are endless ways of creating a wreath with fresh flowers of your choice.

Special Tribute

These can be arrangements designed to make a more personal tribute. I will work closely with you to create a design that will express your love and thoughts. These can range from letters and names to objects such as teddies and footballs. Heart-shaped, rectangular or square designs are also often chosen as tributes from close relatives.

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